Talent is an article of streams, rivers, massive capacity of rivers square converging ocean.

Respect the talent, to create a harmonious, passionate work environment,

so that every employee feels the sense of accomplishment for the excellent staff.

Over the years, the DongHong Group is a rich combat, competitive team, but also a caring collective.

Our administrative staff is establish services for the employees of the management thinking.

Treat employees really care, more of a communication, the more of a communication, affirming our achievements, in recognition of progress,

even if well-intentioned comments

and criticisms sincere. To create an environment suitable for the growth of talent, and the company's objectives, the ideal of the employees,

the implementation of the day-to-day activities and work environment.

Our company is not only to meet the requirements of the employees' basic material life,

but also to achieve their ideal lifestyle and goals through a healthy working environment,

enrich the content of the work and harmonious working atmosphere, the enterprise positive interaction and personal development;

so that every employee has a good sense of social responsibility, teamwork, and excellent quality of love and dedicated.



Help the growth of employee,Create the value for customers,struggle for the society harmony!

Localizing the global marketplace, To be the world's pre-eminent printing packaging company.

WE SEEK entrepreneurial, proactive, opportunity seeking problem solvers
WE DEFINE ourselves as humbly confident, sales-oriented, over communicating extroverts with a passion for customers 
WE EMBRACE change wholeheartedly
WE KNOW we are exceptional at what we do and we do it alongside people we enjoy
WE STAND for protecting the rights of our workers and the safety of our customers.